Why call Masterson Vet Clinic if you need a veterinarian near Licking County, Ohio?

Masterson’s Vet Clinic: Choosing a Local Business With All The Options

Masterson Vet Clinic is a veterinary office located near Licking County, Ohio. Opening its doors for the first time in 1950, the clinic has a long history of caring for animals of all sizes. Through their history, they have expanded to encompass everything a pet and their owner may need from a veterinarian and are a trusted and historical local business.

Due to the long history of the clinic, clients can rest assured that their pet is being cared for by a professional team who have seen a variety of ailments. With a large catalog of previous cases to refer to, any needs a pet has can be met. Masterson’s Vet Clinic has been in the Licking County, Ohio area for seven decades. This history comes with a long understanding of local animals, people, and best practices so that the care of animals feels natural and easy.

The team at Masterson Vet Clinic offers a variety of services to care for animals, including spays and neuters, rabies vaccinations, diagnostics and lab testing, emergency services, and end of life care. This varied and comprehensive list of services ensures that the team is equipped to service any and everything an animal may need to live a happy and healthy life and inform owners of any needed care. The local staff is also trained to explain any of the services and help pet owners come to the best decision for the health of their pets.

Boarding services are also offered to care for pets while owners are away. Technicians on staff are trained to provide pets with any required attention, walking dogs multiple times per day and tracking any previous medical ailments. These boarding services are available as both short and long term solutions. Boarding pets where they get their normal care also lessens stress in the event something goes wrong. The animal’s medical history is on-hand and the team can get to work quickly to return pets to health.

Large and farm animal care is also a specialty of Masterson’s Veterinary Clinic, offering surgery, general care, and prescriptions to a large variety of these animals. Vaccinations, castration, blood work and fecal testing are all offered in addition to other services to ensure the health of farm animals in the surrounding areas.

Whatever the needs of the animal and its owner, Masterson’s can service them wonderfully. A hometown veterinarian with a full scope of options behind it provides care for animals that is personal and comprehensive. Large or small animals, Masterson’s Vet Clinic will provide care that meets the client’s needs.